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Qijian Biological Development Department is the scientific research, technical research and product development institution of Jilin Province Qijian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. It includes two platforms of basic research and industrialization research. Be able to carry out research work on biological products, biochemical drugs and chemical drugs at the same time. Qijian Biological Development Department covers an area of ​​1,000 square meters, with complete internal function supporting system, reasonable structure and advanced facilities. The R&D department has a number of professional and technical personnel, including 9 people with master's degree or above, and the personnel with medium and high professional and technical titles account for 65% of the total number of the development department. Mainly responsible for new product development, genetic engineering, microbial culture and cell culture research, protein purification research, preparation technology, quality standards, stability and other basic research. After years of unremitting efforts, the R&D platform has initially entered a virtuous circle. The enzyme engineering application technology platform has been established, and it has been applied to two products of adenosine methionine butanedisulfonate for injection and sodium monosialotetrahexosylganglioside injection, forming the core technical characteristics; Technology platform, and applied to recombinant human growth and other products; keeping up with the frontier of science and technology, the company invested more than 5 million yuan to build a technology platform for cell culture and application. The company and the development department attach great importance to the development and patent protection of products with independent intellectual property rights, and have applied for a number of invention patents, 55 invention patents have been accepted, and 8 invention patents have been authorized. Qijian Biological Development Department will adopt a research and development strategy combining independent research and cooperative research, domestic research and foreign research, basic research and industrialization research, biological product and innovative chemical product development, scientific development, innovation-driven, and become Qijian Biological take off powerful wings.



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